Congratulations to our September Volunteers of the Month,

Aimee Marquez and Alex Coverson!


Aimee, you have been a fantastic volunteer at Eddins for years and we are so happy to recognize your hard work!  Thank you for volunteering to help with Monday folders, laminating duty, class parties, lunch duty, field trips, and much more; but thank you mostly for giving of your heart to these precious kids.

Alex, we are so glad to have you at Eddins! You have already been a huge help with lunch duty, copy duty, and Donuts with Dads! Thank you for signing up to be the Carnival Coordinator, field trip chaperone, teacher birthday party coordinator, Halloween pumpkin centers, and for helping to take pictures of the kids for the yearbook...Wow!  We so appreciate you.

Ladies, you are both such a wonderful part of our school.  On behalf of the faculty and PTA, THANK YOU for volunteering your valuable time!



"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ~Aesop